Tungsten Off-Beads


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Bidoz Off Beads Jig-Head Tungsten Beads

Tie jig-head nymphs without using special hooks! These drop shaped beads have their hole at the edges of the bead and therefore let your fly ride hook point up. The Tungsten material helps this effect and takes it down fast due to its high weight-to-volume ratio. One main advantage of using jig-head nymphs is that you will snag-up much less, especially when fishing close to the bottom or in waters with a lot of sticks, weeds, etc.

Simply slide the bead on the hook and place the larger section of the bead opposite of the hook point. Secure it with a few wraps of thread and finish the fly like you always do. In addition, you can tie in some material around the head to conceal the head if desired.

Note: Please take care while casting these heavy beads, not only because it can break a rod if the heavy bead strikes the blank but also the color can split if you hit the bank with your back cast. Roll casts and switch casts are less risky than overhead casts.

  • Our number one choice for the off set perch flies
  • 3 colors Black, Gold and Metallic Orange
  • 2 sizes 3,3mm and 4,0mm
  • 10 in a pack


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