Reflection period

At you have 14 days to reconsider your purchase. Does the product not meet your expectations or have you changed your mind? You can return a product or order within 14 days.

If you return the product within the 14-day cooling-off period, you will receive the purchase amount back to your bank account within 14 days. You can also choose to find another item for the same amount in our store or webshop.
The return process

  1. Make sure the product meets the conditions below.
  2. Please fill in the entire form
  3. To prevent transport damages, please make sure you have secured the package properly.
  4. Send the package to us using the provided details in the return form. 


  • Products need to be returned in the original and undamaged packaging, including the labels.
  • Returned products need to be unused and clean in such a way they can be sold right away.
  • DVD’s, books, flies and giftcards cannot be returned.
  • Shippingcosts are for the sender, not for
  • As consumer you accept the risks of damages and / or loss as a result of transport. cannot be held responsible.

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