H2O Flash Blend Baitfish Brush 5inch

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H2O Flash Blend Baitfish Brush was developed by the famous American fly tyer Steve Farrar and is unique in the fact that these fibers are spun on a copper wire so that you can wrap the brush around the hook shank like a ‘hackle’. Couldn’t be easier!
The SF Blend fibers are mixed with exactly the right amount of flash and can be easily cut into shape.
The fibers of SF blend are very strong and allow you to quickly create volume and a fish-like shape in every streamer. The material moves smoothly under water and is stiff enough to keep its shape. Unique ‘fishy’ material for all kinds of bass, perch and pike streamers.
We have received another large shipment. Now to promote the popular H2O products in a super affordable mix set of 5 colours.
The mix packs have already been packed for us by H2O and are provided with 2 subdued colors and 3 bright colors in all kinds of variations. We cannot change this. Of course, all colors are also available separately.


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Mix Set 5 Colour Pack, White, Grey, Yellow, Orange, Off White, Wild Olive, Light Purple, Light Pink, Shrimp, Natural, Camo, Misty Blue, Shaded Chartreuse, Sea Blue, Rainbow, Bucktail White, Mullet Brown, Herring Back, Violet Night, Midnight Blitz, Chartreuse, Olive, Redfish, Electric Yellow, Pink, Brown, Red, Peacock, Mackeral, Bleeding Black, Bleeding Yellow, Bleeding Purple, Bleeding Red, Bleeding Orange, Bleeding Grey, Hot Orange, Bleeding Mackeral, Anchovy, Dark Green, Aquamarine, Seaweed, Bronze Back, Fluorescent Chartreuse, Chartreuse Mottled, Black, Dark Purple, Camel, Misty Camel, Sunset Frenzy, Perch, Silver Scale White, Silver Scale Grey, Blue Scale Grey, Silver Scale Purple, Silver Scale Shrimp, Golden Shrimp, Silver Scale Blue, Silver Belly White, Silver Scale Mullet, Silver Scale Olive, Golden Olive, Golden Redfish, Silver Scale Mackeral, Golden Hot Orange, Silver Scale Anchovy, Silver Scale Aqua, Golden Bronze Back, Silver Scale Chartreuse, Silver Scale Black, Rusty Camel, Golden Sunset, Golden Perch, Bleeding Bronze Back, Bleeding Sunset Frenzy, Bleeding Perch, Fluorescent Orange, Dark Orange