Euro Flies Allround WF Floating Fly Line




The Euro Flies Allround WF Floating Fly Line is the all-round fly line for fly fishing on rivers, lakes and other waters. Thanks to the custom-made Custom Weight Forward taper, this fly line casts nymphs and small streamers easily over considerable distances. Even in windy conditions.

Due to the latest coating, this Euro Flies Allround WF Floating Fly Line floats very high and repels water and dirt. Even in cold conditions the line remains supple.

There is virtually no stretch in the line. Casts are tighter, takes are more noticeable and setting the hook is more direct.

There is no PVC in the coating so UV will not dry out the line. On both sides of the line a loop is welded, so braided sleeves are no longer needed. Leaders can be connected directly through the loop and connecting your backing is easy.


  • WF 3 Green
  • WF 4 Peach/Olive
  • WF 5 Chartreuse
  • WF 6 Chartreuse
  • WF 7 Ivory
  • WF 8 Ivory
  • WF 9 Ivory

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WF 3, WF 4, WF 5, WF 6, WF 7, WF 8, WF 9