Cortland OmniVerse Floating WF Fly Line


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Many fly fisher have asked for a versatile fly line with an extra-long belly. This is Cortland’s response: the Cortland OmniVerse Floating WF Fly Line. Its head measures 18,9 meter in length and is designed to bring out long casts and deliver your fly smoothly. The Cortland OmniVerse Floating WF Fly Line is a great choice when presenting dries on large rivers or when fishing stillwaters. Due to its special taper – long rear taper, short front taper – the Omniverse shapes tight and stable loops when casted overhead or switched. Mending is super easy with this fly line, which is why it performs well when fishing for salmon with a single handed fly rod (e.g. with a Bomber) or when targeting sea run brown trout in the river. As a result of its super slick coating the Cortland OmniVerse Floating WF Fly Line shoots like hell!

If you are into short heads and aggressive tapers this is not your fly line. But if you need distance and accuracy and like presenting your fly smoothly the Omniverse by Cortland is a perfect match!

Built to throw nymphs, wet flies, small streamers, dries and bombers, the Omni-Verse is Cortland’s most versatile long belly line to date.


  • Floating line with long belly
  • Welded loops on both ends
  • Ultra-slick and supple precision coating
  • Easy mending
  • Two-tone-colour: Moss (head)/White
  • Length of the head: 18.9 meter
  • Length: 30.4 meter

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Moss/White – WF8F, Moss/White – WF9F, Moss/White – WF10F, Orange/White – WF7F, Orange/White – WF8F, Orange/White – WF9F, Orange/White – WF10F