Airflo Sixth Sense Fly Line

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The Airflo Sixth Sense Fly Line is the ultimate choice of competition fly lines developed specifically for stillwater.

The floating lines within the Sixth Sense range are among the most popular fly lines on trout stillwaters today. The Airflo unique Power Core technology makes these fly lines as sensitive as dyneema lines for other methods of fishing.

The Stillwater Intermediates utilize Airflo’s PowerCore to help you set the hook on any fish that as much as breathes on your flies. Available in slow, mid and fast intermediate sink rates, you can fish the water column exactly where the fish are feeding.

The Sixth Sense Sinking fly lines are the stillwater lines by which all others are judged. With its distinct 10ft colour bands, you will know exactly when to lift and hold when fishing the deadly hang. Power Core technology provides incredible hook set and take detection. The sinking models of these fly lines are designed to sink deeper at the front creating an angle ideal for fishing the hang. Accurate non-overlapping sink rates for optimum depth control.

The Airflo Sixth Sense Sweep fly lines feature a faster sinking belly and slower sinking tip and running line, allowing this range of Sinking fly lines to follow a U shaped path through the water column. Much like the HI-D fly line of old…

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WF5/6 – Slow Intermediate, WF6/7 – Slow Intermediate, WF7/8 – Slow Intermediate, WF8/9 – Slow Intermediate, WF5/6 – Mid Intermediate, WF6/7 – Mid Intermediate, WF5/6 – Fast Intermediate, WF6/7 – Fast Intermediate, WF7/8 – Fast Intermediate, WF8/9 – Fast Intermediate, WF7/8 – Sink3, WF8/9 – Sink3, WF6/7 – Sink5, WF7/8 – Sink5, WF8/9 – Sink5, WF7/8 – Sink7, WF6/7 – Sink8, WF7/8 – Sink8