Wapsi Premium Bucktail




Wapsi Premium Bucktails, The best quality Bucktail!

Wapsi Premium Bucktail is dyed so the color will not fade. Long tapered hair is perfect for tying bucktail streamer patterns, pike and seabass flies, and is a must for saltwater patterns! Bucktail fibers average about 3.5-inches long and are tapered with a fairly coarse base and fine tip. Bucktails absorbs water and when wet is supple allowing it to move with the currents with life-like motion.

  • Up to 12″ long
  • Dyed for fade-free color
  • Long, tapered hair
  • Durable and inexpensive
  • Ideal for streamers, saltwater and bass presentations
  • Bucktail is also perfect for making streamers, flies and tubeflies
  • 34 colors

Smartlures is always trying to get the best bucktails availbale for you, so we can deliver top quality! if you have special wishes( stiff hairs, curly hairs, soft hairs) please let us know!!!






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