Vision Measuring Tape 140cm


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These plastic (robust and easy to keep clean) measuring tapes are capable of measuring up to 138 cm, which should be enough for most of us. Decorations based on our relevant (fish species & target sizes) rod series: Abbo, Kust, (Big) Daddy and (Big) Mama. Both tapes available now!

VFM1. Heavy-duty version especially for boat anglers
The bigger one is 30 cm in width so you can put the fish right on top of it. It has an aluminum angle attached to the start end to make sure that you’ll get the big fish measured easily and without any (“unintended”) errors. Besides two snap on buttons it has a useful wide and strong rubber band to make sure that the rolled tape stays in a nice package when not in use. This one is a must for everybody fishing from a boat.

Dimensions 140cm * 30cm.

VFM2. Smaller version for everybody
The smaller tape is 6cm in width so it fits nicely into a small pocket (comes with a narrow Velcro-type band for securing it) and is therefore easy to carry with you regardless where you are fishing.

Dimensions 140cm * 6cm


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