Uni Tray II 36 Spool Dispenser


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UNI-Products, a world leader in the supply of spooled fly-tying materials, announces the introduction of the UNI-Tray II. While fly tiers welcomed the original UNI-Tray, they requested increased capacity and UNI has responded. The UNI-Tray II holds thirty-six (36) spools, more than twice as many as the original product. Fly tiers use a wide range of spooled materials and convenient storage and dispensing accessories are difficult to find. The UNI-Tray II is a hinged, light-weight, plastic box with foam inserts in the top and bottom halves. Each foam insert holds eighteen (18) spools. To load a spool into the tray, simply remove the tag end of the material from the spool-rim nick and insert the spool in one of the holes leaving a small tag end protruding. Now, exactly the desired amount of material can be pulled from each spool without concern for keeping additional material from falling off the spool. Another advantage is eliminating the material wastage from damage caused when the free end is continually replaced in a spool-rim nick. For those wanting a smaller dispenser, UNI will also offer single foam inserts (holds eighteen (18) spools) packaged in a plastic Zip-Lock bag. Look to UNI-Products for the best in spooled fly-tying materials and accessories.  SUPPLIED EMPTY AND IN DIFFERENT COLORS.


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