Smartlures Inline Strike Indicators




The Smartlures Inline Strike Indicators are the floaters we use for carp fishing. With the floaters you can control the depth of your carp fly, for instance the Smartlures Carp Candy. Off course you can use these floaters also for nymph fishing. Because you slight these floaters on your leader you will never cast them off. it is just impossible. Available in 2 sizes and 2 colors. We always use the white ones in clear water and also on waters with a high fishing pressure. Often on these water the Fluo Yellow floaters will spook the carp.

  • 2 sizes Small and Medium
  • 2 colors White and Fluo Yellow
  • 6 floaters per pack
  • Small = 14mm * 6mm
  • Medium = 20mm * 9mm

The Smartlures Inline Strike Indicators are simple, cheap and easy to use.

Buy 4 packs and get 25% discount, only € 1,49 a pack then.



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