Sea Eyes Aluminum Dumbell Fluo Black


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Hareline Aluminum Sea Eyes. These Hareline Aluminum Sea Eyes are very cool gizmos to spice up our saltwater patterns. The aluminum is relatively light, but these babies are BIG and make a platform to glue in BIG EYES. Everyone knows that flies tied with big eyes attract big ocean predatory fish. Right-on. Why use aluminum, one might ask. Because we want the durability of a metal barbell fly tying eye without too much weight. Too much weight would make these sink too fast or would hurt us even more when we smack a fly into the back of the skipper’s head.

Hareline Aluminum Sea Eyes are offered in nickel and in three sizes that cover our fly tying bases quite well. Secret note for freshwater fly fishers only. Hareline Aluminum Sea Eyes perform miracles on flies tied for bass, pike, musky, taimen, bull trout, brown trout, giant catfish, and such forth. Really, predatory fish love to eat the eyes off of little bait fish and these Hareline Aluminum Sea Eyes are the fly tying eyes that get the job done when one wants BIG EYES.

  • 3 sizes
  • Medium 6,3mm, Large 9,5mm and XLarge 11mm
  • 10pcs a pack
  • Medium 0,4gr
  • Large 1,0gr
  • X-Large 1,6gr


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