Pike Terror Flies Dubbing Brush Nayat




These are real Monster Brushes with Nayat and the new Pike Terror Flies Flash, we love them for tying quick and easy pike streamers!!!
New in the shop of Smartlures.nl Pike Terror Dubbing Brush Nayat

Pike Terror brushes are the ideal choice for pike flies and large saltwater patterns. The soft, curly fur has plenty of volume and creates a stable silhouette that pushes loads of water. The ca. 10cm long fibers are blended with a subtle potion of flash material to pronounce the lively action of the fur. Pike terror brushes are twisted on thin wire to provide exceptionally easy tying. Within seconds Pike Terror brushes produce large pulsing heads and lively bodies that have proven to catch large fish again and again.

A fool proof material that produces fishy streamers within just a few wraps.

  • 16 colors
  • 2 brushes a pack
  • Voluminous streamer brush for Pike & Co.
  • Length > 15 cm
  • Fur length up to 10 cm (natural hair varies)
  • Twisted with wire to keep hairs in place


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