Niklaus Bauer’s Pike Fly Starters Kit


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The Bauer Pike Fly Start-up Kit from Fly-Dressing is a kit full of all the of tools and materials that you’ll need if you want to start tying pike flies. But, an important note – this isn’t your standard crappy quality start-up kit – this kit contains “the real deal” and it will keep you going for a long time.

Here is a short film where Niklaus Bauer is showing what’s inside the box and ties a tube fly.

– Regent Vise

– Eumer Tubefly Needle M, L
– Dubbing needle with magnet
– High Grade Scissor
– Spool pin
– Petitjean MP Twister

Tying Materials
– Plastic Tub Hard XL, clear
– Plastic Tube Hard L, clear
– Power Thread MD, white (100 denier)
– Zap A Gap Brush-on
– Quick Set Epoxy
– Dubbing wax
– Bucktail – Fluo White, Fluo Blue
– Flashabou Magnum – Silver, Opal Mirage
– Bauer’s Pike Flash – Silver
– Flashabou Mirage – Opal
– Flashabou – Holo Silver, Teal Blue
– Flashabou Pearl Dyed – Olive
– Epoxy Eyes 11 mm – Fluo Red


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