Niklaus Bauer Premium Nayat




The Niklaus Bauer Premium Nayat  is of the best Nayat you wil find. We have the 10 most populair colors to start with. Soon more colors will follow.

After a long search for the right supplier Niklaus has found the best Nayat you can think of. This Nayat pieces are brushed and treated with a special conditioner. So these Nayat hairs are soft and really  translucent. Nayat is longer a bit stiffer then Icelandic Sheep Hair. The hair has a slight crinkle but has great mobility and is very easy to tie in. Also the Nayat have are really nice naturel taper, perfect when tying an minnow style predator fly.

The Niklaus Bauer Premium Nayat  is perefect for tying big pike flies but can also be used for perch, asp, sea bass streamers. And off course a lot of other fresh and saltwater patterns.

  • 12 til 15cm long, some pieces are even till 20cm
  • big piece
  • 22 colors
  • best quality you can get
  • perfect hair for tying a lot of different patterns


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