Niklaus Bauer Predator Dubbing




The brand new Predator Dubbing from Niklaus Bauer now avialable at the shop of Smartlures. Very long dubbing specially  for making big head on the pike streamers. You can also tie small minnow patterns for example asp and perch with this new Predator Dubbing

The favorite dubbing for turning heads into big flies and long wings.

Predator Dubbing is similar to Lazer Dub but the fibers are about 10cm/4inches long which is great when you want to make baitfish flies. The dubbing also contains thin strands of flash. Very easy to use and good dubbing. You can use predator dubbing for pike flies, perch flies, sea trout flies etc.


  • 38 colors
  • big pack for a lot of streamers