Metz Magnum Saddles Grizzly




Metz Magnum Saddle Patch: fantastic saddles for large flies from Salmon and Steelhead to Pike and Musky and more.

From time to time we are able to obtain a limited supply of these great Metz Saddles, and they are extremely versatile feathers. Finally, great quality long saddle feathers are periodically available for the fly tyer to restock supplies. Metz grows excellent feathers and we are pleased to be able to offer these Magnum Saddles in a range of colors and grades.

  • Grade #2
  • Salmon and Steelhead Flies: collars and wings on various flies.
  • Pike and Musky Flies: these long saddles are wonderful to dress our ginormous streamers.
  • Lefty’s Deceivers: these saddles are useful in a range of colors for tying our baitfish patterns, including Deceivers and a hung list if freshwater flies for species like bass, to saltwater species from tuna to billfish and sharks.