Vision Kalu


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Vision Kalu are real value for money. Their outlook is from our famous GT reel, just fattened up. They are machined die-cast reels which have eaten a sealed, smooth, drag system consisting of stainless steel and carbon discs. The one turn drag adjustment knob is fully machined on Kalu and it has clear laser markings for drag power. It can take more than enough backing with a suitable fly line. The biggest model can eat easily #10 Big Daddy fly line and 50 meters of 30lb backing, which makes it a proper tool for big pike hunters. Kalu 7/8 is available in Black and Yellow. – ready to serve you…

  • POP out spool release
  • CNC-machined housing and drag adjustment
  • Easy and fast 360* drag adjustment
  • Carbon disc used in the brake package made in the USA
  • Japan made ball bearing