Hedron Big Fly Fiber Curled




Now available by Smartlures.nl The Hedron Big Fly Fiber curled, for large body flies with long tails like big streamers and tubeflies in an extremely light, easy-to-cast fiber.

Hedron Big Fly Fiber Curled is great for large flies and especially for pike flies is this great product amazing.
Because it’s long and makes it possible to tie very large flies.
The structure of the material causes the streamers get a good natural movement that predator fish can not refuse in the water.
We use the Big fly Fiber Curled Firetiger in most of our tubeflies.
Build with Eumer Tubes for a good filled body with less air resistant and with 0 percent water absorption.

Key Features:

– Large body flies.
– Long tails in an extremely light, easy-to-cast fiber.
– Contains approximately 6 grams of fibers.
– 10″ in length.
– Curled version.

Available 25 colors.


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