Hareline Magnum Zonkers Tiger Barred


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These zonkers are our favorit zonker to tie the Sculpin Streamers for Perch!!!

These hides have been triple dyed to give some incredible colors and variegations like we have never seen before. Incredible colors on these Tiger Barred Magnum Zonker Strips. These 6mm (1/4″) Magnum Rabbit/Zonker Strips are great for tying bass, pike, muskie but also for Tarpon Bunny’s an much more other saltwater patterns.  These are the same strips André Miegies uses in his famous perch streamers. Here you can see the tying pattern.

  • Width 6mm
  • Length 30cm
  • 3 strips
  • 10 colors

If you are missing a color please look at the new Pike Monkey Magnum Black Barred zonkers!!!!



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