Guideline Power Taper Compact I/S3/S4 #8/9DH

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Guideline Power Taper Compact i/s3/s4

They are extremely easy to cast and give you the ability to lift sinking lines out of the water with ease and to fire accurate and effective casts from tight spots. The compact lines are specialized tools for small to medium rivers or in slow flowing waters where a longer sinking head would be hard to lift out for a new cast. Compact double hand lines are best suited for rods up to 14 feet and the single handed lines are ideal for swich rods and off course single handed rods.

They are designed as a real shooting head, in a triple- D configuration and with no back taper. All sinking lines have a 2 feet yellow back end for easier control and visibility when fishing. Lines are looped for easy and fast change. We recommend using a slick running line with the sinking lines, especially if you want to fish the fly as slow as possible. Due to the short head and the thin running line the water pressure won’t push the line around as fast as a longer head or, if a thicker running line was used. The floating heads will work well with our tsl running line that is tapered for a smoother energy transfer when casting.

  • I/S3/S4 #8/9DH
  • 9,7m/32ft
  • 30gram/463grains


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