Fulling Mill Salty Baitfish Chartreuse




The new Fulling Mill Salty Baitfish is a real big fish catcher, it’s tied with highly mobile synthetic fiber and some fine flash strands. These flies are really big perch catchers and offcourse also great for seabass due to the Gamakatsu SL12 saltwater hook. The size #1 (7cm) is perfect for smaller perch and asp, size #1/0 (9cm) is perfect for catching big perch, asp and seabass and the size #2/0 (12cm) is perfect catching big perch, seabass and also zander and small pike. And offcourse also suitable for a lot of tropical species.

  • Tied on the super reliable Gamakatsu SL12S hook
  • 3 sizes avialable
  • Hook size #2 streamer length 7cm
  • Hook size #1/0 streamer length 9cm
  • Hook size #2/0 streamer length 12cm


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