Airbrushed Popper Diver Heads XXL


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These are the biggest Diver or Popper Heads you will find on the market.

These Diver Heads XXL are all ready airbrushed by @jayflyfishing. So you can use them right away to create a awesome popper the hunt the pike on the shallows and between the weeds. You can tie them on a tube, hooks or a combo shanks/hook. Soon we will release a video how to tie your Diver or Popper XXL

The best Foam Diver Popper Heads XXL you will find.  Made from durable hard foam, easy to color with a waterproof marker or airbrush. Stop killing yourself by spinning and trimming deer hair for divers. Use these pre-shaped diver heads! Achieve maximum diving/popping action and floatability! Also make great poppers when tied in reverse.

Buy 3 pcs and get 10% discount

  • White only
  • 1pcs a pack
  • XXL
  • L 40mm x W 24mm


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