Ewing Bugger Packs


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Ewing Bugger Pack feathers offer the tier an extremely long and naturally tapered feather with super-fine barbs, tapered webbing and supple quill. Labeled as “Bugger Packs” but usful for so much more. Use them for Saltwater flies and Predator flies. You get 2 patches per pack and this equates to nearly half a whole cape. Use it for wooly buggers and palmering or use for tails on saltwater flies. Feather length from 4″ to 7″ long. We have so much faith in this superb product from Whitng we have heavily stocked them in a massive range of colours.

Just perfect feathers for buggers, streamers, seatrout flies and flatwings.

  • 3 colors
  • Length 10 tot 17cm


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