Easy Shrimp Eyes Super Fluorescent


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Easy Shrimp Eyes – Super Fluorescent is the latest addition to an amazing supplement to your fly tying. The unique shape which makes them incredibly easy to tie in, and the same high quality standard is obviously preserved. The only, change is the new color of the eyes, and their super fluorescent effect. You can see the effect under UV light, as shown below.

Fluorescent eyes may under certain circumstances be just the right cocktail, if you want to catch a fish. Especially in situations of turbid and unclear water the eyes are a big winner, while it under conditions of clear water is better with a little more discreet colors of eyes. Water clarity is therefore quite crucial to the type of fly you should choose, and it almost goes without saying that light or bright colors are better seen in turbid water.

The fluorescent effect should in no way be underestimated, as studies have shown that the fluorescent effect has a particularly attractive effect in incredibly long distances. This can be seen in the movie Sea Trout Secrets 6, where Claus Eriksen is testing shrimp eyes with fluorescent effect. If you have not seen this movie, we can highly recommend you to see it, if the weather is too bad to fish of course.

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