Dragon Tails XL


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Wiggle Tails taken to a next level the new Dragon Tails!!!

New FishOn Dragon Tails developed by Niklaus Bauer and Paolo Pacchiarini

Great innovation for pike and other predator flies. Artificial Dragon Tails provide superb movement and light weight. Rigid material will hold up multiple hungry toothy fish. Totally new Dragon Tails are for big flies and big pikes – many 10+kg pikes have been landed during test fishing.

  • Tie in straight to hook or to Bauer Style Pike Rig
  • 4 tails per package
  • 24 colors

See here the mowement of the new Dragon Tails!!!!

Note; Dragon Tail XL is almost the same size as a Wiggle Tail XXL

XL Dragon compared to a XXL Wiggle Tail


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