Dobb Daddy Spin Fly Raccoon


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This model of Dobb Daddy Spin Fly is tied with Finn Raccoon which makes this fly tying even socking up more water in, the  results is that they are heavier and cast easier, and they get even more movement  in the water.

More about Dobb Daddy:
Fly Dressing has now launched a system to use flies on spinning rods. The system is that it has a “rig” and lots of flies. So now you don’t have to buy a lot of different custom flies.

With two rigs and a bunch of flies can also your spin fish spirit friend fishing with the fly which we all know is quite magical and critical sometimes.

There is no end to the possibilities! Make your own flies after own taste and rig with DobbDaddy and spin on!

The package includes tube fly, hooks, wire, etc., A totally complete kit, just switch on and go fishing right away.

Want to cast Bauer Pike Flies with spinning rod? Rig your spinning rod with this DobbDaddy Spin Fly Kit and you are set to go. Combo designed by Swedish Pike Angler Niklas Holmer,

  • DobbDaddy casting weights approx. 15 grams – Whole rig in use weight is around 30 grams  (wet fly, casting weight, hook rig)
  • DobbDaddy itself is slow sinking but in use with tube fly nearly suspending
  • Bauer pike flies are also sold separately if you want more options (Only Tube Fly models are compatible) – Check them here!
  • At the time when you have landed multiple pike, leader needs to be changed. For making new leaders in front of the hook use Partridge Pike Tech Wire 60lb and Bauer Shrink Tubing

Niklaus Bauer and his team have designed a new system the Dobb Daddy Kit with Bauer Pike Rig,  for fishing your tube flies on a spinning rod. This kit is to make your own complete Dobb Daddy rigs.

We are now launching a new system to use tube flies on a spinning rods. The system is to have a “rig” and lots of flies. So now makes it unnecessary to buy lot of different custom flies. Totally crazy! With two rigs and a bunch of flies you can also let your spin fish spirit friends fishing with the Bauer tube flies.

There is no end to the possibilities!!! Make your own flies to your preference and rig with Dobb Daddy and spin on!

  • 5 colors
  • Complete with Dobb Daddy system with Pike Rig for Wiggle Tail


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