Airflo Super DRI Bass Musky




Warm-water fly fishshing is generally a game of casting large, air resistant flies into tight spots. designed by Pat Ehlers, (a man who makes his living fishing for bass, pike, and musky) the new Ridge Bass/Musky line offers a new level of accuracy, line control, and distance to the warm water sherman.

Featuring a compact head designed to load the rod quickly and to turn over big, nasty flies. It has welded loops on both ends for ease in attaching both leaders and backing and the line size is welded into the front loop for ease of identication.

A color change in the line identifies the head length. The unique taper sustains line speed all the way though the cast improving accuracy and lessening the effects of cross or head wind.

Additional Information


Product Use:
Designed to turn over large flies in tight spaces
Line Size:
Sky blue / Orange
Core Material:
Low Stretch (6%) Braided Power Core
Ridge Polyurethane (PU)
Loop Type:
Micro Loop at both ends
Optimum Temperature Range:
41F to 86F


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