Airflo Giant Trevally Fly Line Inter WF12


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Airflo Super-Dri GT Saltwater Fly Line

Airflo’s Super-Dri GT is a WF12 fly line in intermediate.

When Airflo’s product developer were first asked to create this line, they asked themselves why anyone would need a 50lb test core in a flyline … their testers in the Seychelles said they just did. The ‘hit and hold’ style of GT fishing on a reef edge is fast and furious, putting a flyline under extreme pressure as you try to stop these ‘bad boys’ of the salt trying to disappear with your flyline. Ridge GT came through the test without any issues ­ proving the strength of Airflo’s welded loops beyond any doubt.

About Airflo’s Ridge-Technology:

The coating is ridged parallel to the fly line which reduces the surface area in contact with the rod guides. This leads to a better shootabiliy. In addition you have a better grip when handling the line, setting hook etc.


  • WF12 saltwater fly line
  • 50 lb Test Low Stretch (6%) Braided Power Core
  • GT specific taper for quick casting with large flies
  • Micro Loop Both Ends
  • Color clear blue





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