What is the box!

  • 1 x Crank Handle

Quickspool — quick loading and unloading of reels; quick, easy line changes on the water; easy handling in conjunction with rod and reel. Load ’em up.Travel  — select the lines you need for each outing, clip them together and throw them in your gear bag – find them when you need them; robust but light; protection against salt and grit.Stack — clip them together for simple organisation out in the field and when you get back to base; label your switchboxes for easy line identification. Sort them, stack them, store them.

Omnispool Switchbox features (see also Technical Specs. page) :

      • Compact octagonal design that fits neatly in one hand yet will accommodate almost all fly lines
      • Sturdy but lightweight construction for durability, and you can still see what’s in them when they’re closed
      • Smooth, non abrasive line aperture in lid
      • Line guide in centre of spool for easy wind up and easy release on the way out (no clips, no slots).
      • Smooth revolution inside the box, designed to beat overwind.
      • One-touch removable box lid; the ‘box can be opened one-handed.
      • Spool can be clipped to the outside of the Switchbox for use externally: the second half of the shell acts as a stand for winding / unwinding. This in turn can be attached to further stacked Switchboxes for support. Or you can just hold it down with your toes…
      • Clip lock system enables boxes to be stacked together for travel or storage
      • Sturdy OmniSpool crank handle, grooved to
      • fit through the spool and around the line; fits in either side – so no matter if you’re left or right handed… (Sold separately – you won’t need many, but essential! Don’t forget to order.)
      • Note: keep the dotted markings on each half of the casing side by side when the Switch is closed – it means there’s no yoga involved when you place the spool on its foot; it also makes clipping Switchboxes together easy  (dotted side of one against the unmarked side of another…)
      • Optional (really useful) slide on LineCarebox for line maintenance; once attached, both Switchbox and LineCarebox can be handled as one unit. Stowed neatly to Switchbox when not in use so you know where it is when you want it…  (also sold separately – don’t forget to order)
      • Optional snap on Arbor Spacers offer a choice of two larger arbor sizes; useful for smaller fly lines and now popular amongst conventional anglers storing and switching  BRAID lines in particular.