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Cocoons are designed to be worn over other, regular glasses. The polarising glasses are made of high quality, optical correct TAC material and are more durable, clearer and better resistant against scratches then the glasses that are used by other brands. All Cocoons glasses are 100% UV400 averting and polarising. Ultraviolett light with a wave length of less than 400 nanometre is harmful: it can cause sun burn, skin cancer and a whole range of unpleasant eye disfunctions. All Cocoons products block all UV radiation under this 400 nanometre and therefore offer an optimal protection. Next to that are all Cocoons sunglasses polarising, which means, among others, that blinding reflections are filtered out, this gives a lot of rest to your eyes.

Information concerning the lens colours

  • Amber: Provides a higher contrast. Amber blocks light from the blue spectrum, which causes a fade away in the observation of objects under changing light circumstances. With this amber provides more contrast and a better perception of depth. This makes amber the best choice on and along the water, for both recreational and professional use: in water sports, sport-fishing, shipping etc.
  • Photochrome Amber: Amber is (only in the series of glasses that can be worn over regular glasses) also available in photochrome glass, they turn darker when the intensity of the light increases. This is especially useful outside, the glasses turn darker due to UV light and regular glass already dampens this somewhat. In your car this works less well than outside the car for this reason.
  • Copper: A very good alternative for amber. It increases the contrast and strengthens the observation of colours. Turns out to be a little lighter than amber.
  • Yellow: The best choice in low light circumstances like fog and dusk. The contrast is enhanced even more than with amber. Less practical for sunglasses worn in bright sunlight, for those circumstances we recommend amber or copper.
  • Grey: Neutral observation of colours. Less practical for sport-fishing compared with other lens colours. Also the darkest colour for the glasses.
  • Photochrome Grey: In the range of sunglasses that can be worn over regular glasses, grey is also available in photochrome glass. This turns darker the more light there is, very comfortable and handy.
  • Blue Mirror: Only available in sunglasses that are worn over other glasses. The blue coating over grey glass is a favourite colour for many outdoor enthusiasts and deep sea anglers. The blue, reflecting coating blocks a little bit more reflections in the troublesome spectrum. An extra effect is that your own glasses are hardly visible underneath the blue mirror glass.
  • Green Mirror: The green mirror coating over amber glasses is only available with sunglasses that are worn over other glasses. Your own glasses will no longer be visible and there is even some more light filtered. In the tropics or in the winter sports this can make the difference.

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Black/Copper, Black/Gray, Black/Green Mirror, Sand/Amber, Sand/Gray, Sand/Yellow, Tortoise/Amber, Tortoise/Copper, Fotochroom/Amber, Fotochroom/Gray