When we first started Taylor Fly Fishing in early 2013 the most common question people would ask us was “why make ANOTHER fly reel”? The question was simply trying to tell us “isn’t there already enough fly reels out there already”. While the question was a bit annoying to us at the time it did have a valid point; why should we make another fly reel? For us the answer was simple, we believed we could make a better looking, better performing, more durable, and less expensive fly reel than what was currently available. The average fisherman can’t walk into a shop and throw down $700 for that fancy new piece of machining, but does that mean they have to settle some something less than greatness? For us the answer is no. For us designing a better fly reel means keeping to our core values: durable, stylish, and affordable. Durable means that the reel can handle the abuse of long days on the water, slips and falls, getting knocked around guide boat, etc… For us stylish means perfect machining, slick look and feel, and colorful options. For us affordable doesn’t mean cheap but value. You shouldn’t have to refinance your house to purchase the reel of your dreams or choose between putting food on the table or that beautiful piece of machining. So far we feel like we have designed reels that reflect our values. We still have more we want to accomplish: new innovations, new designs, and new breakthroughs. Designing better fly fishing products is our passion and our hope is that our passion leads you to more fish!

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