On this page we will show you a few of our favorite streamers tied by Niklaus Bauer on the famous Youtube channel Tie TV. All the Tie TV have a list with the materials that are used to tie the streamer. Offcourse we have all the products in stock. If you ahve any question regarding the used materials please send us a mail by using this LINK.

Bauer’s Waterpushing Pike Fly

Bauer’s Kicker 2.0 Pike Fly

  • HOOK: Partridge Predator CS86 X 4/0
  • SHANK: Fish skull Articulated shank 35mm and Fish spine 20mm. GLUE: Zap brush on, Devcon Epoxy, Gulff UV resin clear Thinman and Classic.
  • THREAD: Textreme Power thread 100D.
  • WAVE TAIL CONNECTION: Fastach size 0.
  • TAIL: Wave tail XXL Slim Gold or Holo Gold.
  • HEAD: Gulff UV resin clear in Thinman and Classic.
  • EYES: Epoxy eyes 11mm White/Yellow (MEY7-960).
  • BODY: Extra Select Craft fur Tan, Hedron Polar flash in Copper and Gold and a few strands normal flashabou in Copper, Polar Reftector flash Tan, Predatordubbing in colors JK Craw and Tan, Ripple ice in colors Sand, Gold and copper, Magic Head R14 and a clear Bauer Power rattle.