This is a great streamer for chasing and off course catching perch and seabass and I also catch a few asp on this streamer. For perch the combo Sybai Saltwater Flash Hair Bright Green and White and the more naturel colors Olive and Tan with a White belly are favorit. For perch we use the Partridge Attitude Extra size #2 till #2/0.

For seabass the colors Gray, Olive and Tan are favorite. All streamers are tied with a White belly. Our favorit hooks for seabass is the Mustad C68SNP Saltwater Hooks size #1 till #3/0. The small Sybai Saltwater Flash Hair Minnow are very effective for catching seabass.

On both streamers you can use 3D Epoxy Eyes or to add a bit of weight you can use the EP Eyes size 6mm or 7,5mm. If you use the EP Eyes your streamer will sink a bit faster and will get a better jigging action.

And always use the E6000 Glue. Best glue there is for glue the eyes on your streamer.

A big thanks for Geo for making this video.