Tying pattern of the Golden Bream, we often use on big clear water lakes.

Here is a step by step foto collage how to tie a big Golden Bream tubefly of 30cm.

We start with a piece of bucktail tied in reverse

Bucktail reversed

We use a bucktail reverse tool from Andre Megies

Then we add a little bunch of Big Fly Fiber Curled

Use a little hair clip to hold the materials in place while tying.

We add about 40 strings of Magnum Holographic Flashabou

Tie in the flash 60/40 and tapper the flash before applying it on the tube.

Then tie the flash backwards.

The result of the backwards tying of the flash.

Then you tie a bunch of Smartlures Lazer Flash Gold. Same way as the Magnum flash.

The easiest way to tie the Lazer flash is to do it in two steps. First top, then bottom.


Top and bottom finished.

Then tie the flash backawards. With the soft Lazer flash you can also use your reverse tool.

Then you make a loop with your tying thread for spinning the Flashabou Original Speckeled Copper.

Always use some dubbing wax on the loop. So the flash will not slide out of the loop.

Use about 25% of the Flashabou Original pack.

Spread out the flash evenly in the loop, using a dubbing needle.

When spread evenly,  spin the flash slowly.

After the flash is spun, untangle it with a dubbing needle.

Result after untangling.

Then wind the flash around the tube.

Result after the winding.

Close up.

To finish your Golden Bream tubefly use a 10mm Fish Mask with eyes of your own choose. Apply a bit of  Z-Poxy inside the Fish Mask and then slide it over.

Note: You have to widen the Fish Mask hole a little so it will fit over the Eumer Hard Plastic XL tube.

The result, our favourite tubefly.

This huge zander of 100cm+ was caught the next evening on the Golden Bream tubefly.

Materials used;

  1. Veniard Bucktail Yellow
  2. Big Fly Fiber Curled Yellow
  3. Hedron Flashabou Magnum Holographic Gold
  4. Smartlures Lazer Flash Big Pack Gold
  5. Flashabou Original Speckeled Copper
  6. Fish Mask 10mm
  7. Smartlures 3D Oval Eyes Big Pack
  8. Eumer Hard Plastic Tubing XL

We always use Veevus 150D black or white for tying our tubeflies. And always apply some Zap-A-Gap after each tying step.